Directly Align Security Strategy to Business Goals


Provide the Board with clear and justified investment choices mapped to business outcomes.


Track, optimize and report progress in real-time.

As regarded security consultants and leaders of global programs we saw that:

There is a weak correlation between security spend and levels of cyber resilience.

There is no consistent and quantifiable way to measure security effectiveness.

Security frameworks are often missing the KPIs that matter most.

We knew there was a better way.

A Holistic View of Your Security Program

Quantitatively link security investment to cyber resilience across your global security program.

Guide an Informed Risk Appetite

Provide the board with clear and justified investment options against a given level of threat sophistication.

Create a Multi-year Optimization Roadmap

Deliver a multi-year strategy and business plan. Track and measure to ensure results are to plan.

Measure and Track Performance of Security Operations

Evaluate the control ecosystem providing deep measurement, analysis, and reporting all directly linked to business outcomes.