Centrally Manage the Business of Cyber Security

Pharos Cloud is a management, accountability, and oversight platform – designed specifically for the CISO and security management team – to better handle the business, politics, and operations of enterprise security.

CISOs use Pharos Cloud to gain consensus with:

The C-Suite and Board to show security ROI and model risk appetite solutions

Finance to justify resources and correlate budget

SecOps and IT to optimize security roadmaps and deliverables

Risk and compliance to show progress toward common security frameworks

Communicate with the C-Suite in Business Terms

Translate the jargon of Security into Protection stories that resonate with the C-Suite.

Measure and Optimize Security ROI

Strongly connect the costs of Security to levels and types of Protection.

Guide an Informed Risk Appetite

Model Protection-Cost options and produce detailed SecOps action plans.

Guide and Track SecOps Performance

Leverage a comprehensive KPI suite to qualify and quantify SecOps. Centralize and curate the artefacts of SecOps.