Pharos Security Launches SaaS Platform

for Measuring Security Risk and ROI


System Designed for Business Executives;

Enabling Better Understanding of Risks and Requirements


Austin, Texas – August 1st, 2018 - Pharos Security today announced a new software as a service platform, Pharos CSO, that enables Chief Information Security Officers to develop and measure a holistic and calibrated business plan that evaluates current security capabilities against specific attack sophistication, together with a multi-year strategy and ROI justification to meet specific protection goals aligned to business objectives. Finally, security leaders will have a tool that allows them to educate and influence executive leadership to make and measure specific investments that reduce the overall risk to the organization.


“By translating security programs into business language that the C-level and Boards are familiar with, Pharos’ CSO provides the tools a CISO needs to make the security program a fully integrated, strategic part of the organization. Too often, security and business leadership speak in different languages. Pharos CSO unites security and business executives in a common language and framework, based on key performance indicators, metrics, and ROI,” said Pharos founder Douglas Ferguson.


“The real persistent threat facing many organizations today is the lack of understanding in the C-suite and at the Board level about the security program, what it is, where the gaps are, the risks this poses, and the investments required to close the gaps. This dislocation becomes apparent as soon as a breach occurs, and the fingers start pointing. It’s about time CISO’s have the tools they need to educate up by providing a complete picture of current status and a roadmap to a more secure future. Return on investment should absolutely be a part of the strategy and justification for a growing and healthy security program,” said Brian Reed, founder of 404 Cybersecurity and former Gartner analyst.


Pharos CSO (Continuous Security Optimization): Translation of the security program into business terms

Pharos’ CSO formalizes the security program goals and strategic objectives for accountability with the C-Suite and Board, delivering a year-over-year roadmap that serves as an operational system-of-record. Pharos’ CSO highlights the current evidenced protection level against specific attack type and sophistication as well as greatest opportunities for overall, and specific control, results improvement.


Protection Goal: Align your security program to protection goals that are critical to the value and viability of your business.


Strategy: Develop a strategy to increase the threat defenses that can counter sophisticated attacks to a level that aligns with risk appetite to achieve this at best cost across relevant threat exposures


Security Controls Selection: KPIs and metrics on current control performance as well as a prioritized control optimization plan, including control selection and frameworks so that strategic defenses are maximized.


Business Delivery: Presented as a tailored, multi-year business plan that estimates Capex and Opex required to implement controls, headcount to deploy and operationalize each control along with capability milestones for each control.


About Pharos Security

Pharos Security is a cyber and information security management company focused on delivering ROI justification and proof of protection for security spend. Pharos measures and optimizes the investment-security-protection delivery chain, comprehensively, across the surfaces and techniques that are leveraged by hackers to impact the critical assets of a business. Pharos Security has offices in Austin, TX and London, UK. For more information on Pharos Security please email or see