About Pharos

The Pharos Story

The lighthouse of Alexandria (later named Pharos), built in ~284BC, was originally constructed to help guide ships to port at night through a very narrow straight.  Eventually, Pharos became the etymological origin of the word “lighthouse” which is commonly used today to describe the guiding light structures built on rocky shores around the globe to guide ships at sea safely to harbour.

Pharos is the ideal representation of the work we do in strategically guiding and supporting CISOs and their teams as they navigate their ships through potentially unknown waters.  Pharos provides our clients with a more strategic security investment fueled by measurable data and KPI insights mapped directly to business outcomes and cyber resilience.

Strategic Support

CISOs and security teams are looking to ensure the security and protection of their data “harbours” by providing the right security strategy in an industry that is constantly in flux.

As regarded security consultants and leaders of global programmes, we often find that increased spending is not necessarily linked to overall improvement in protection.  This is compounded by the fact that there is no consistent and quantifiable way to measure security effectiveness which means CISO’s are finding it difficult to map security spend directly to strategic business outcomes.

Pharos wants to change this.

Our team is passionate about providing the right data and strategic insights for CISOs  and security professionals looking to provide executive teams and boards with the data and insights needed to roadmap a strategic security plan while better protecting their assets.

At Pharos, our sole mission is to provide CISOs and their respective boards with deep clarity and the ability to capture better data, analytics, and reporting to guide their risk appetite and strategic investment decisions.

Business as Usual

Pharos also deeply understands the need for “business as usual” while you look to implement new tools and services which is why our approach ensures that there is no disruption to your business and no need for deep integration of the platform on the client side.


We can start small to prove how this will work in your environment.


We deliver value in weeks.


We seek specific info using simple and uncomplicated methods.


We minimize your team’s time investment.


No activity will cause business disruption.


Douglas Ferguson

Douglas Ferguson

Founder and CTO

A security professional of over 20 years. Doug was with a Global Bank, where he was responsible for numerous security programs and initiatives across more than 40 countries. Ferguson was a Managing Consultant and researcher on the acclaimed X-Force at Internet Security Systems. He delivered security services to more than 200 clients globally and was a co-creator of the breakthrough System Scanner technology.

Graydon Gough

Graydon Gough

Commercial Director, North America

A seasoned veteran in complex Technology services and  SaaS industries, Graydon Gough has worked with Enterprise Technology and Business leaders across many industries as they strive to change the way their company’s leverage technology to better their business. Previously Mr. Gough served as Director, Strategic Verticals at Rangle.io, where he helped lead efforts to build our the Enterprise practice and the company to grow to 400% in under 4 years.

Brad Harris

Brad Harris

Commercial Director, UK and Europe

As an executive adviser and leader Brad has continually delivered top results in many environments, sectors and roles which has produced a fairly unique breadth and depth of experience in Financial Services, Energy/O&G, Pharma/Life-sciences and Technology Services allowing insight into the traits that out-performing organisations possess, including strategic alignment, resource optimisation, margin capture, cultivating performance-driven culture, and creating competitive advantage through technology.

A Holistic View of Your Security Program

Quantitatively link security investment to cyber resilience across your global security program.

Guide an Informed Risk Appetite

Provide the board with clear and justified investment options against a given level of threat sophistication.

Create a Multi-year Optimization Roadmap

Deliver a multi-year strategy and business plan. Track and measure to ensure results are to plan.

Measure and Track Performance of Security Operations

Evaluate the control ecosystem providing deep measurement, analysis, and reporting all directly linked to business outcomes.