Pharos Optimize

Your budget’s hidden potential, unlocked

​Conventional wisdom on how to develop and operate a security control is critically incomplete and over- focuses on a subset of requirements.

The consequence is that even when adequate funding for a control is in place, the business is left with a capability that is either ineffective or inefficient — and all too often both.

Optimization of a control to a chosen outcome against threat sophistication A deep dive into a particular control, or family of controls, that needs to be expanded, bettered, or implemented, with a comprehensive development, operational, and business plan to do so.

Optimize does this by leveraging people/skills, technologies, vendors, intelligence, processes, into an integrated and lean operational framework that is strategically aligned to risk and business goals.


Executive reporting framework to:

  • track the control’s contribution to the
  • overall protection goal
  • evidence progress and
  • capability improvement

Advice on how to integrate the control into:

  • threat surface frameworks
  • predict, prevent, detect, respond
  • frameworks 
  • capability hierarchy frameworks

A roadmap to optimize performance for:

  • asset lifecycles
  • threat surfaces
  • delivery models

Roadmap to optimize performance in the domains of:

  • intent (i.e. goals and strategy)
  • design (i.e. resource requirements) Capability
  • operation (i.e. use of skills, partners, technology)
  • assurance (i.e. KPIs and reporting)

Tailored, multi-year business case and operational plan that:

  • justifies appropriate funding
  • sets expectations for results

Security Control Imperatives:

Must be applied to each control that is funded.

Security Control Imperatives:

Must be applied to each control that is funded.

Failure to meet these imperatives results in poor performance.

A Holistic View of Your Security Program

Quantitatively link security investment to cyber resilience across your global security program.

Guide an Informed Risk Appetite

Provide the board with clear and justified investment options against a given level of threat sophistication.

Create a Multi-year Optimization Roadmap

Deliver a multi-year strategy and business plan. Track and measure to ensure results are to plan.

Measure and Track Performance of Security Operations

Evaluate the control ecosystem providing deep measurement, analysis, and reporting all directly linked to business outcomes.