Pharos Prove

Protect more. Influence investment. Enable you to do the right things.

Business leadership expect convincing proof that they have the right security strategy and it is delivering expected results.

Pharos Prove offers an advanced, objective-based Red Team assessment that links control value to the actual security protection provided as proven by what the Red Team can achieve. You will also receive a clear statement of how hard or easy it is to compromise critical business assets allowing you to make critical security investments in the near term.


Focuses on critical business assets


The level of threat sophistication security can counter


Measure effectiveness of each individual control


Mimics real world threat tactics


Starts at low threat sophistication and increases until a result is achieved 

Investors require evidence of cost-effective progression to the goal.


This proof can only be obtained by objectively measuring the real-world threat sophistication that security can counter.

A Holistic View of Your Security Program

Quantitatively link security investment to cyber resilience across your global security program.

Guide an Informed Risk Appetite

Provide the board with clear and justified investment options against a given level of threat sophistication.

Create a Multi-year Optimization Roadmap

Deliver a multi-year strategy and business plan. Track and measure to ensure results are to plan.

Measure and Track Performance of Security Operations

Evaluate the control ecosystem providing deep measurement, analysis, and reporting all directly linked to business outcomes.