Getting Control of Security Controls

A focus on technology first, or an imbalanced control implementation, doesn’t necessarily lead to greater protection

by Douglas Ferguson on February 19, 2019

The effective deployment of technology depends on a business-level understanding of the organization. Technology on its own solves very few problems. However, when it is part of a comprehensive protection strategy, and truly integrated, operationalized, and measured, then it can deliver positive return on investment. Historically security controls provide a cautionary example. Whether you insource, outsource, or have blended security operations, it doesn’t change the critical fact that control management, to be seen positively by business leadership, has to answer the following: Read more...

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Pharos Security Launches SaaS Platform
for Measuring Security Risk and ROI

System Designed for Business Executives; Enabling Better Understanding of Risks and Requirements

Pharos Security today announced a new software as a service platform, Pharos CSO, that enables Chief Information Security Officers to develop and measure a holistic and calibrated business plan that evaluates current security capabilities against specific attack sophistication, together with a multi-year strategy and ROI justification to meet specific protection goals aligned to business objectives. Finally, security leaders will have a tool that allows them to educate and influence executive leadership to make and measure specific investments that reduce the overall risk to the organization. Read more...

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