Prove your threat-to-impact realities

An advanced red team assessment that aligns scope and importance to the business against a level of attacker sophistication and tactics.

Objectively measure the level of protection of key business assets from unacceptable impact, and evidence concrete linkage between threat sophistication and tactics, business impact, specific control performance and strategic alignment.

Objectively prove how security investment is performing and prioritize investment, design and operational change to maximize results.

Prove as rudder and judge for the security strategy and tactics

What is the Threat-To-Impact Reality?

How effective is


How relevant is

control integration?




How effective is


How relevant is

security capability?


control selection?

How effective is

How relevant is

management capability?

business delivery?

Penetration testing: a fraction of the value at 100% of the cost

Penetration testing stops well short of providing the insight and evidence that you need to prioritize and justify strategic and tactical improvements. Pharos Prove has evolved penetration testing to address this.

Value Delivered




Penetration Vulnerability



Testing Assessment



Threat Model & Intelligence

Mimics real-world threat strategy

Mimics real-world threat tactics

Integrates strategic threat trend intel

Integrates tactical threat intel

Active component

Uses CREST & Check Team Lead Testers

Targets critical business assets by priority

Targets all threat exposures

Varies threat sophistication

Detects vulnerability

Exploits vulnerability

Proves business asset compromize

Proves control strengths

Proves control weaknesses


Articulated for business leadership

Simplifies threat model for C-Suite

Maps threat exposure

Maps defensible protection target

Evidences exposure to business impact

Specifies threat level to cause impact

Advises on strategic remediation

Advises on tactical remediation

Indicates maturity of strategic KPIs

Indicates maturity of tactical KPIs

Evidences control relevance

Evidences control effectiveness

Proves strategic & investment priorities

Proves prioritized control opportunities

Justifies security business case

How Judiciously is Budget being Used?

Pharos Prove provides all the technical findings, vulnerability and remediation information that you would expect from a top-class penetration test or Red Team exercise. Therefore it is a logical upgrade with which to replace these services.